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Retro-looking logo design

The brief was to create a retro-looking logo, with plastic, neon type of bright red font, similar to that which is on the jukeboxes of the 1950's. The font was adapted and extended from an existing font type, to appear in a cursive font. The red colour was added with various filters to emulate a plastic, neon sign. Then the compact disc (CD) was added as the background. Filters were added to it, to provide a realistic effect, like a real metallic CD with multicoloured reflection at the bottom, under the logo text, to emulate the shadow from the text. Another layer was created with thicker font, to be shinier and this emulates a flashing logo, similar to a neon shop sign.

The first image shows the large version of the initial state of the logo. The second image shows the flashing logo, where the second image is superimposed on the first image and then reduced to the size requested.