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We provide a wide range of services, from website design, to promotion, content creation, accessibility audit, branding and identity, analytics and more.
missiveMEDIA works with you to ensure that you get the site that best reflects your business' identity. We do this in the following steps process:


Initial contact is made by one of our consultants with your company, where your requirments will be mapped out 


a mock-up presentation with two-three different sites will be shown to you for your approval - these mock-ups will be presented on paper and on disk 


Once you have decided how you want your business' site to look like from the mock-ups, we will create the site for you - this part of the process depends entirely on how complicated your completed site will be and we will give you an indication of how long it will take to complete it


Once the site is created, testing will be done on various levels - the testing is to ensure that it operates correctly on the different browser and computers, so that as many visitors can see the site correctly as well as to fix any unforseen problems that may be encountered 


Your site is launched and promoted - the site is promoted through various means and launched on the internet