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Content authoring

Content authoring is about writing great content for a variety of media. This means writing engaging and interesting content to promote your product or services.

  • Website content

    Your website articles need to be succinct, interesting and engaging. The article title needs to draw the reader in and the content needs to be factural and broken up with image and white space, to make it easier for the reader to quickly scan it.

  • Blog posts

    Your blog needs to have fresh content that is posted on a regular basis. Your blog posts needs to be consistent, engaging and professional in order for your readers to post relevant comments and come back again and again.

  • Newsletters

    We can write a newsletter for your business that is snappy, makes your content (images and words) stand out, engages your readers and gets them to click through to your website to read further.

  • Product descriptions

    In order to sell your products, you need to have a product description that gets the reader's attention from the headline and engages them to read more. The product description helps you sell more products.

  • Facebook posts

    Your Facebook posts need to be timely, brief and newsworthy, in order to reach the maximum number of people, get the most likes and click through. There are optimal times of day to post.

  • Tweets

    Your tweets need to be short, sharp and engaging. Tweets with an image get the most click throughs. Tweets sent at certain times of the day have more impact on your followers.

  • Press releases

    If you need a press release about your business, product or service, we can write one that is easy to read, interesting, factual, professional and engaging so that it is syndicated all over the world.

  • Metadata

    Your website metatdata is so important to ensure that the search engines index it (display it high). A good page title, description and keywords are essential to ensuring your website scores highly on search engines.


Contact us now so that we can write great content for your business. Let us make it easy for you to present your business in the best way possible online.